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Curriculum Highlights


Flour Bluff ECC follows the curriculum adopted by the state - The Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills. These learning standards were designed by the state to ensure that all students meet the challenges ahead of them. The Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills (TEKS) identify what Texas students should know and be able to do at every grade

Curriculum Highlights

Music All students attend music class every week for a 20 minute session with our certified music instructor.

Physical Education/Recess All Students receive 20 minutes of recess daily and Kindergarten students receive 40 minutes of structured physical education daily with a certified physical education teacher.

Gifted and Talented Program Students are screened in February for the Kindergarten SAIL program (Students Accelerating in Innovative Learning). Applications are accepted throughout the school year.

Guidance and Counseling All students attend classes on problem solving, feelings, anger management and many other topics. Group and individual counseling may be offered at the request of the classroom teacher or parent.

Encore Lab The Encore Lab is a classroom designed to provide intensive reading instruction for students labeled at-risk because of reading difficulties. The Encore Lab teacher provides small group reading instruction, which is research-based.

Computer Lab Flour Bluff ECC has one PC computer lab. All Kindergarten students receive weekly instruction directed at proficiency toward the Technology TEKS.

Learning Garden An outdoor classroom designed to allow students to read, write and observe nature.

Language Arts At the ECC , Language Arts instruction is delivered through the framework of Balanced Literacy. Our teachers have been trained through our Literacy Collaborative.

What Does the Literacy Collaborative look like in the classroom?

Our teachers create a learning environment which utilizes the Balanced Literacy framework. To support active and successful learning. This framework includes:

Interactive Read-Aloud Teacher reads aloud using a varied collection of texts and encourages interaction.

Shared Reading Using enlarged text that children can see, the teacher engages the children to participate in the reading process.

Guided Reading During small group instruction, students with similar reading abilities practice and improve reading skills using appropriate text.

Independent Reading Students practice reading on their own.

Interactive Writing Students and teachers work together to choose topics, share the pen and participate in the writing process.

Shared Writing The teacher writes as the students compose messages, stories, labels, lists or letters on large pieces of paper.

Writer's Workshop/Guided Writing Through mini-lessons and conferences, the teacher guides the students in the writing process. Students are the writers.

Independent Writing Students practice writing on their own.

Word Study Through mini-lessons, the teacher models and extends the understanding of letters and words in their work.

Skills (TEKS) Through hands on demonstration and experiments.

Math Students learn mathematical concepts aligned to the Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills (TEKS) through participation in a variety of activities including, Math Meeting Board, whole group lessons, small group activities and individualized instruction. All math instruction is concrete and hands-on. Student progress toward achievement of the TEKS is continually assessed.

Science Students explore scientific concepts aligned to the Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills both in the classroom and in the campus science lab.